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Chigwell & Hainault Refurbishment

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Building and Refurbishment Project


Our vision is to make the Shul a community centre, a family home, so that whatever your age, gender or level of observance you will feel welcomed by its modern look, inclusive atmosphere and the thriving community within.

Our project addresses the need for a radical redevelopment and takes into account all of the changes we are making to services and facilities following the pandemic.

Our building is outdated and no longer fit for purpose. With our young demographic, large and still growing membership and educational events attracting world-class speakers, we need a building that reflects our vibrancy and engages more of our members more of the time, ensuring an exciting future for our community.

A synagogue is not just a place for prayer but a meeting place (Beit Kenesset). Now more than ever, as we come out of COVID-19, our Beit Kenesset needs to reflect that.

We propose to refurbish all parts of the site, make significant improvements to the layout and facilities, and link the two buildings with a beautiful new foyer.  This will provide a modern bright environment with updated and increased facilities and amenities in a much safer space.

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Our initial estimate for costs is in the range £1.2 – 1.35m. 

We are thrilled that £600k has already been pledged by a very generous family, on the condition that the other half is raised from within the community. We know your generous support will help us reach our goal


On Sunday 30th January – Monday 31st January 2022, we will be holding our community fundraising weekend over a 36-hour period, to raise the remaining funds for our exciting project.  We hope that you will want to be part of this amazing, once in a generation, community project whereby we can build a wonderful new centre for Jewish Life in Chigwell and Hainault.  There will be lots of ways to get involved

Firstly, we are seeking out Chigwell Champions to lead the effort on the 30th and 31st January.  We will be asking our Champions to reach out to family, friends, colleagues and loved ones to ask for their support.  We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different but any amount – big or small – will bring us closer to our goal of raising a further £300,000. 

In whichever way you help, the community will benefit, and we will all be grateful.   We also hope to have some fun events in Shul on Sunday 30th and a special Shabbat on January 29th. 

To get involved, please let us know either via the office, email  We would love you to become a Champion

Main Hall View FINAL Updated.jpg
New Look Prayer Hall
Youth Room
Youth Room Revised.jpg
Prayer Room View Revised 2.jpg
Beit Hamidrash
Multi Purpose Function Hall
Function Hall View Revised (1).jpg
Lobby View With Wheelchair User Skirt.jpg
Welcoming Foyer
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