Our Rebbetzens

Rebbetzen Nechama Davis

Rebbetzen Nechama Davis was born in Johannesburg and studied English Literature and Theatre Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She then taught English
at a Jerusalem high school.


She is a full-time rebbetzen, involving herself with many educational and pastoral activities in the community. 


She regularly runs programmes for the women of the community, including Batmitzvah Revisited and a Ladies Shabbaton. 


Rebbetzen Davis ran the United Synagogue Rebbetzen's In-service training
programme from 2012-2015.


The Davises have 6 sons. Yehuda and Rafi still live in Chigwell.

Rebbetzen Chaya Brocha Goodwin

Rebbetzen Chaya Brocha Goodwin grew up in Ilford before moving to Hendon where she attended Beth Jacob Grammar School. She then went on to study in Israel where she completed her Bagrut (Israeli High School qualification). 


She has learnt in seminaries in Israel, Italy and America and was a nursery teacher before becoming a community Rebbetzen.


Rebbetzen Goodwin runs informal educational events for ladies in the community
as well as a Bat Mitzvah club and planning the Shul Purim and Chanukah parties.


The Goodwins have two children Rina and Tzvi.