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What does the Eruv allow?

The Eruv is a great way to bring people together,

but there are still some things that cannot be done.

Here's a quick run-down of the key things that can
and cannot be done...

Moving muktza

Anything that may not generally be handled on Shabbat, such as money, may obviously
not be carried within an Eruv either.


Putting up a tent, even of a temporary nature, is not allowed on Shabbat. This means that
an umbrella is not permitted, even within an Eruv.

Any netting or raincover for a pushchair should be attached and opened slightly before Shabbat


Although it is permitted to walk a pet even without an eruv, even with a leash, there are certain limitations which do not apply where there is an eruv.


Bringing gifts on Shabbat

You can bring them, but you cannot use them!

When we are invited to friends’ homes for meals, it very common to bring a present.

May one do so on Shabbat within the Eruv? For a combination of reasons, not flowers or plants. Ideally, other (non-muktza) gifts should be brought before Shabbat, but otherwise
one should transfer the gift before Shabbat to a third individual who acquires it on behalf of the recipient, even without their knowledge. If this was not done before Shabbos it may still be presented but the recipient should have in mind not to acquire legal ownership until after Shabbat or Yom Tov.

Eating and Drinking on grass

Given the prohibitions of watering and sowing, one has to be careful not to spill drinks on grass or flowerbeds etc and also to be careful of not disposing of any waste matter on the ground and, with seeds, for example, they may germinate!


Children’s tricycles and (non-motorised) scooters are permitted to ride outdoors with an Eruv, but not bicycles.


These may be worn within an Eruv (if there is no Eruv, there is a concern that the wearer will remove them in the shade and might walk holding on to them, or carry them in a pocket).
May one wear the glasses pushed up on the hair? A real fashion statement

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