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We have an Eruv and it's live!

Get weekly alerts
We check the eruv every week to make sure it's complete. 
We'll send you a email before Shabbat to let you know that
it's ok to use.

Ever wondered...
What an eruv is, why we have them, and how they work? 
Rabbi Davis provides a simple intro to what eruvim are
all about.

Dos and Don'ts
So the eruv is here, but that doesn't mean you can carry everything. So while buggies 
and walking sticks are OK, umbrellas are not.  Here's a
guide to carrying on Shabbat

Explore the Eruv 
This map is a guide only. If you live near the boundary of the Eruv,
please contact Rabbi Goodwin
 to ascertain whether your home is inside or outside the Eruv boundary.

Here is a written, guided tour of the Eruv boundary, and can also help you understand where the boundaries are.  If in doubt, contact Rabbi Goodwin to get a definitive answer. 

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